Buy Your Favorite Home

Live in your #1 favorite home instead of your 15th favorite home.

Home - Where you live is very important. It is more than just a property. It is where you build a family, where you spend a very big part of your life and your money. Getting you into the absolute best house for you should be your goal. Your absolute favorite property will probably be many others favorite property as well.

What strategy do you have in place to:

1. IDENTIFY & FIND that home?

2. WIN & BUY that home?

We have developed a step by step process that if we follow it will guarantee to get you into your favorite home.

Now, how are you going about finding your perfect home?
  • Are you looking online?
  • Looking at For Sale signs?
  • Scouring through magazines ads?
Are you looking online?

By going about that way, you are almost guaranteed not to find a special one. The very special houses (the very best deals) sell before they make it to the internet. They are never advertised in any way.

We sell those to our direct clients

How it works:


You talk to our mortgage professional to get a clear picture of the finances involved in buying your home.

We will review the downpayment, the monthly payments, and financing options. With some of our strategies, your financing offer, will beat cash offers.


We meet at one of our many offices. We ask you a few questions.

We ask you what you like, but more importantly, what you don't like so we don't waste your time looking at houses that we shouldn’t. In that process, we have a specific method for guiding you. We then will generate a list of every single place that meets your absolute minimum requirements, so you know about every single property.


The weeding out begins.

Weed out all the ones you know you don't want to waste your time seeing. Don't go through the list choosing the ones you think you are going to like, remove the ones that don't work. That way we more quickly we will get to the ones you do like, then more quickly we will get to the ones that you love, that way more quickly we will get to your favorite house.


Visit top locations.

We go look at homes in person at the absolute best properties in the absolute best area. There is a method for deciding which is best and avoiding confusion.


As we are narrowing down the search we will know very specifically what the best home for you is so if we identify any potential off-market opportunities we will add them to the list; properties that are not even actually for sale.


We Find the #1 best possible home for you and write an offer using a very specific strategy to ensure you will win. If you are financing we have a proven system that regularly beats cash offers.


During the inspection, we make sure the home is what they say it is and there aren’t any major concerns. The Title company ensures non-physical issues are resolved prior to closing.

These may include liens or violations. All debts that are attached to the property will be addressed.


Move in and start enjoying your new most perfect DREAM home.

Your favorite house is every buyer's favorite house!
Our job is to beat every other buyer to your favorite house.