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Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

The Prime Buying System

When searching for your ideal property, you need to be able to:

Target your search based on your personal preferences

Receive accurate information that is updated regularly

Find properties that are hidden from the general public to avoid bidding wars

Consult with experts who know the market and area, inside and out

Have a fast and easy way to contact the agent or seller

The quality of your experience when buying a property will not come down to a single thing, but a combination of many components coming together successfully. The Prime Buying System was designed to empower you with as much information as possible, then guide you with experience we have gained over many years of transactions. Our relationship with buyers does not end with the closing of the sale. We provide many services even after the deal is closed and you are situated in your new home.
In order to find your ideal home or investment opportunity, The Prime Buying System relies on seven main components:
90% of all property searches are initially done online. Our site allows you to search like a real estate agent with real-time updates. Click to learn how.
Any agent can schedule appointments and drive you to see properties. Finding an agent who truly understands your needs and provides added value makes all the difference. Click to find out what our agents will do for you.
Your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it looking at properties outside of your search criteria and qualifications. Our screening process ensures you only look at relevant properties. Click to learn more.
When presenting an offer, you need an agent who has YOUR best interests in mind. Having a skilled agent to represent you can mean thousands of dollars left in your pocket. Click to read about our process.
When you find the ideal property, you want to rest assured that the deal will close as planned. Our agents do not handle the sale transaction – we have a specialized team dedicated to closing. Click for more.
When you close a sale with the average agent, the interaction ends there. We provide a variety of services even after we’ve received our commission to ease your transition into your new home. Click to lean more.
We are so confident in our service that we are willing to certify that you will be happy. This is why we provide you with a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee! Click to learn about this outstanding promise.


Have a computer or smart phone? Great, let’s get started!

We have invested in the most advanced real estate technology, allowing you to search for properties like a pro - from the comfort of your own home.
Our state - of - the - art website provides you with a variety of tools to simplify your search and give you a head start on beginning your journey.

Search Like an Agent

Most people who are thinking of purchasing a property start their search online. There are many websites and tools available that can provide basic information on what’s out there and might be of interest.

However, our website is the most advanced in the real estate industry. Our site is updated every ten minutes with real-time data from the Multiple Listing Service, and not only is it accurate, the map search feature makes searching a breeze. So now you have access to the same data and tools agents have. Inaccurate data on retail sites like Zillow and Trulia prompted us to invest in this technology.

Website Features

Our site has unique features designed to make your search process exciting and enjoyable. Even better, it is designed to simplify your search and give you an advantage over other buyers competing for the same properties.


When searching our site, you are able to save searches and get notified any time a property that fits your criteria hits the market. This real-time information puts you in the lead when contacting sellers who have just listed their homes for sale.

Coming soon listings

Another benefit of searching our site is receiving notifications for new listings before they hit the market - giving you the advantage over competing buyers.

Off - Market Listings

We have many “pocket” listings that are not officially listed for sale on the MLS. We present these listings only to our database and clients, thus eliminating potential competition and giving you a larger inventory of properties to review.

  • User-friendly website
  • Interactive map
  • Updated every 10 minutes
  • Save search function
  • Updating buyers of new properties on the market in real time
  • Real-time updates of new properties entering the market
  • Accurate Data-Many sites show properties that are no longer for sale or don’t show properties that are
  • Off-Market-Connects buyers to properties not listed on the MLS
  • Gives buyers more search options
  • Allows buyers to make offers without competing with rest of the market
  • Seamless communication with Buyer’s Agent


Know what you're looking for? Let's find you the right agent who can make it happen.

Not all agents are the same.
Merely having access to the MLS and setting up appointments with Listing Agents does not qualify an agent to represent you in your purchase.
An outstanding buyer’s agent is very knowledgeable and able to provide insights into the challenges of the buying process.

Exclusive Agreement:

We sign an Exclusive Agreement with our buyers. Meaning when you work with us, you can feel confident that you are getting our 100% focus and attention. We invest our time and resources in our clients and want to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Working exclusively also allows us to provide you with exclusive buyer services.

Off Market

Once you and your buyer agent narrow the search criteria, we use various marketing strategies to uncover opportunities not open to the general market. We contact homeowners who are not currently listing - often identifying owners that are open to selling but have not yet placed their home on the market. These contacts can create attractive buying opportunities.

Market Knowledge

Our buyer’s agents work exclusively on consulting with buyers. We work as a team so agents aren’t distracted with prospecting, technology updates, transaction management, customer service, etc. And since they work with a larger volume of buyers, they are more knowledgeable of opportunities and market conditions - enabling them to offer better information when consulting with you.


Our buyer’s agents work diligently with you to make sure you are getting all of the information you need to make informed decisions.

Market Intelligence

Our buyer’s agents contribute to each other’s market intelligence. When they visit a neighborhood or building to learn about its particular characteristics - whether architectural or cultural - they share this information with the rest of the agents through our system.


Before starting a physical search, it is important to determine your financing options. Deciding whether to purchase with your own funds or the bank’s (and under what terms the banks will lend) will affect many aspects of the search, including selected areas, target properties and negotiation strategy.

Our buyer’s agents will not waste your time showing you properties that are not within the pre-qualifications of your lender.


Ready to take your search to the real world? Let’s get going!

You don't need an appointment scheduler or a driver. What you need is an educated and experienced agent
who is able to explain the pros and cons of every property you see. Someone able to provide accurate analysis
of any potential investments you are about to make.

A good agent should know exactly what you are looking for and only show you properties that are within your search criteria and qualifications. Our agents are armed with all the information necessary to narrow their search, so they only show you properties that match your criteria. They set appointments and stay with you during the entire process, until you find the right property you are comfortable presenting an offer on.


We’ve found the right home! Now how do we get it for the best price?

To increase the chances of closing the deal and getting their commission, a typical agent would advise you to put in an offer close to the asking price.
However, we have YOUR best interests in mind. Our agents use well-tested tactics to make sure you get the property for the best possible price
and they are not afraid to walk away from a deal if it is not in your favor.

Once you have found your ideal home, it is important to have an offer strategy in place to ensure the property will be acquired under the best possible terms.

Here are some of the tactics our agents use when approaching a seller:
  • Seller Concessions Strategy - This strategy is implemented to get more from the seller at the same price. Some of the advantages in this process include: Getting a home warranty from the seller, inspection repair costs, closing costs, discount/buydown points (which give you equity in your property faster), ancillary closing costs, title policy, and more.
  • Position of Strength - Negotiate with the seller without giving them the upper hand, affording you added negotiation power. Some of the advantages important to have in hand include: A pre-approval letter (different from a pre-qualification), proof of funds, walk away leverage, comparable sales to support the offer, seller estimated mortgage balance, property tax assessment review, outsmarting the listing agent through inside knowledge, and more.
  • Multiple offer Strategy - We find our buyers good deals and when we do, we can sometimes find ourselves in a multiple offer situation. To differentiate our buyer’s offer we use a variety of strategies to make ours stand out from the pack. Strategies such as the dear seller letter, zero repair allowance, increased earnest money, etc.


You have found the ideal property, our agent negotiated the best price for you and now it is time to complete the transaction. The contract is signed, but we are not done just yet.

A real estate sale transaction consists of many different aspects – each equally important to the completion of the process. That is why we have a special team that handles all the moving parts to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Transaction Management

A delayed closing can cost you thousands of dollars in hotel stays, storage fees, keeping your belongings in your moving truck and other headaches associated with moving. We keep track of every aspect of closing to prevent these difficulties from happening.

Real estate agents have certain strengths, but ensuring a meticulous transaction process is not typically one of them. You want to rest assured that the transaction is being handled by professionals who pay attention to detail and make sure paperwork problems don’t put the transaction at risk.

Our buyer’s agents DO NOT handle the closing. Instead, we have a dedicated team of experts who handle the transaction from A to Z. They review the documents, set deadlines and follow-up with the seller’s party, as well as all vendors – making certain that the contract is executed perfectly and the deal does not fall apart due to lack of knowledge or attention to detail. We work overtime to make sure the transaction is completed within the given timeframe and you don’t pay a penny more than necessary on the purchase.

  • Lender relationships to: Offer best rate and terms, close on time, eliminate surprises, over-deliver vs. over-promise, get documents to the title company on time, ensure pre-screens with properties are qualified.
  • Title Company / Closing Attorney to: Offer quality management of the process, manage all parties in the transaction, gain leverage for getting problems resolved, on-time closing.
  • Professional Services partnerships to: Offer moving services, carpet cleaning, tile and wood treatment, landscaping, pool services, painting, remodeling, interior design, handyman, etc.


We value the relationships we have built with important people who help us complete the transaction. While we take care of the actual purchase and sales process, there are lenders, title companies, closing attorneys and a variety of other service providers we work with. Folks that lend a hand and play an integral role in getting you situated in your new home.

Additional Benefits

What else can we do during the transaction phase – beyond handling your closing? Some value-added services to make sure things go smoothly and help you end up with a great deal:

  • No mortgage payments for the first 60 days
  • Contract acceptance
  • Timeline management
  • Property inspection timeline
  • Negotiation of repairs
  • All documents to the lender in a timely manner
  • Appraisal management
  • Lender repairs
  • Closing and settlement review
  • Identification of potential deal killers


Welcome to your new home. How can we continue to help?

With most agents, the relationship ends after the sale. Once the transaction is complete, the interaction is over and you are on your own.
Hoping things go well with your new home.

Not good enough for us. We have so much more to offer you! We provide services to make sure your move is smooth or your investment is managed properly.

  • Moving - Our moving company relationships can arrange for a smooth, affordable and reliable move into your new home.
  • Appliances Insurance - We offer FREE appliance insurance for the first year in your new home. If for any reason an appliance fails, you pay a small deductible instead of having to pay thousands of dollars to replace it.
  • Utilities - On - boarding assistance with utilities and cable providers so your services are running from the minute you move in.
  • Insurance Review - We offer a free professional home owner insurance policy review, to ensure that you are properly covered on your property and possessions.
  • Housewarming Party - To welcome you to your new home, we arrange a housewarming party to celebrate.
  • Property Management - If you purchased an investment property for rental, we offer property management services. We can handle everything from maintenance, to finding tenants, to collecting rent and everything else involved in managing the property.
Our goal is your total satisfaction and for us to become your realtors for life - not just for one transaction.


You will be satisfied with your new home. We are so sure of this fact that we are willing to guarantee it!

Real estate is not retail and you cannot return a product if you're not satisfied with it.
However, we want you to be completely happy with your home purchase and if you are not,
we are going to do what it takes to make sure you are completely happy.

This is why we created the Prime Den Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee. With this exclusive benefit - if you are not happy with your new home, for whatever reason, we will sell it FOR FREE within the first year of purchase! This is how confident we are in our service and most importantly, this is how much we value your complete satisfaction in working with us.