Sell your home in Miami Beach

We do business completely different than all other agents.
This proven system guarantees 2 things:
1. Your property will Sell.

To put this in context, on average more than 50% of homes fail to sell in our market.

2. Net more money in your pocket than any other way.

That is right. You will end with more money bottom line. More than if you sold it yourself or if you used any other agent. Our system is Completely different. It is a tall promise, but when we speak, we can show you step by step exactly how we do it.

Other agents that seem to have the buyer’s interest at heart.They say things like buyers won’t pay that much, let’s be reasonable. We get buyers to grossly overpay for your home and be happy they did. So, you can end up with way more money in your pocket.

Let's set up a meeting and show you step-by-step exactly how we get that done.


We're about to go on a first date with a potential buyer. Let's get ready!

Home Staging

The residence itself has to be prepared for the marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. In a survey of over 3500 staged homes, more than 50% sold for 10% more.

When a home is not staged, you are counting on potential buyer’s imagination to determine what it can potentially look like. Staging is creating that greater potential.

Professional Photography

Pictures are the first thing potential buyers look at if your property is within their search criteria. This is the first impression they get on your home and can make a difference when they decide whether to come and see your property. We use professional photography for every property we list, no matter how big or small!

Before and After PictureBefore and After Picture
  • With regular photos it is impossible to capture the exterior and interior of a property well. If the aperture is closed to capture the outside, the inside will look dark. If the aperture is open the inside looks bright but the outside gets blown out. Professional photographers take several pictures with different apertures and later use software to combine all of them. This makes the outside and the inside look crisp, bright and clean.
  • With regular photos the lenses aren’t wide enough. This causes two things: The picture can’t capture all of the room, and the room looks smaller. Professionals use a wide angle lens allowing them to capture more of the room, making it look a lot larger. After using the wide lens, they have to edit the picture in software to avoid the wide angle distortions. The result is rooms that look spacious and inviting.
  • With regular photos there are light differentials. When the camera is capturing the image there are parts of the room with more light or more reflection. Without proper lighting equipment the differences make the room have awkward shadows or weird light spots. Professionals use separate lighting equipment when necessary. They take several pictures and use special light measurement equipment to ensure the light is balanced.
  • With regular photos the pictures are aesthetically disproportionate. There are several rules in photography that must be followed for the pictures to have the greatest appeal to buyers. Professionals are not only trained to understand how different elements have to be distributed, they also have a level of natural talent to see these proportions.
  • Video allows for sound. Narration and music can be powerful tools in creating desirability.

  • When combining proper lighting, rhythm and sound, videos are a great way for out of town buyers (extremely important in the Miami market) to have a sense of the home; shown in the best possible light.
  • Through the use of areal videos, we can show how a home is located in relation to the neighborhood. If there is a popular restaurant, beach or famous attraction, the video can clearly show it.

Professional Videography

Because of its expense, very few real estate companies use video. Our team will produce a high quality video showing the property and its surroundings using the latest in technology such as drones, high resolution cameras, lighting, audio equipment etc. The result is captivating motion and sound that entices viewers to want to see the property in person. Watch the video to see how we do it! Video has very significant advantages when exposing your property to buyers: Video can show context. It is difficult for buyers to imagine what the layout of the property looks like. Video can walk them through the floorplan.

Play Video

Virtual Reality Walk Through

With this innovative technology, a Matterport 3D model of your property is hosted on our cloud. 3D photography, different from video, allows potential buyers walk through the home as if they were there. The result is a totally immersive experience that literally transports the potential buyer.


Buyers are more engaged by giving them control of the experience. Potential buyers anywhere in the world can explore these spaces from their desktop or mobile device, as if they were physically there. They control where they go and what they see in high definition and easily move between rooms and spaces.

Floor Plan

The system also provides a dollhouse view and an aerial floorplan of the property so that potential buyers can easily visualize the layout of the property. Experience this incredible technology now.

Landing Page

Communicating online is the most effective way of conveying the selling points the property because of the media we can provide it in and the engagement from the potential buyers. Each property we list has its own Landing Page ( On this page with present all the marketing material driving potential buyers to call us and allowing us to sell the property to them.

View Sample

Print Material

Print material is used in several occasions to stay top of mind and also to drive buyers to engagement by sending them to our online presence. Some of the print forms we use include the following: Property flyers, Mailers, Postcards, Magazine Advertisements.


There are features that will attract a buyer. Communicating these feature effectively imperative to getting the most attention from the right buyers are the right time.


More important than a price is a pricing strategy that will guarantee you don't leave any money on the table.

Our job is the find the one buyer on planet earth willing to pay more than anyone else on the entire planet for your home. Then getting this buyer to pay as much as they are able to pay. One of our great strategies is a pricing philosophy that is completely unique and will drive this behavior.

In retail overpricing may work, but the data demonstrates that overpricing property generally leads to a lower sales price. This happens for several reasons. When a property is first listed it is when it gets the most attention. Buyers that have been waiting for the right home will pounce. After several weeks, the only buyers that will now look are new buyers entering the market. As the volume of potential buyers decreases the days on market start affecting the property negatively. The property gets stigmatized and potential buyers think there may be something wrong with the property. This stigma rises as time goes by.

Studies have proven that if a property has been sitting on the market for a long period of time, it is a result of one or more reasons, but in an overwhelmingly majority of cases when a property is overpriced it would definitely contribute to why it hasn’t sold.

How to determine the right price

There are many factors that determine the appropriate price for a property. Many property owners do not have sufficient information when they list their property. Important information includes the saturation rate of the market and the saturation rate of the property’s segment of the market; supply and demand in your area; what similar properties sold for and what properties would be competing with yours.

Beware of overpricing agents

Pricing is a very important component of the sales strategy. Agents that are willing to price the property over 10% of the market range are doing so in the hopes of lowering the price later. As explained above, this is potentially a damaging strategy. In our area 52% of the properties fail to sell the first time they list. We sell many properties that failed to sell with other agents because of our stronger sales process.


We look beautiful and have a price tag. Now let's get some attention!

After preparing the home, the marketing package and the pricing strategy, the next component is to promote this to the market.
What good is having a video that costs thousands of dollars if no one is going to see it?
Most agents simply put it on the MLS and hope for the best, but there are many other ways to get potential buyers to look at your property.

Promotional Videos

In addition to showing the property in a video, we also produce lifestyle videos that drive traffic to the property’s online presence. These videos are short in length (Up to 30 seconds) and focus on a main feature of the property.

We hire professional models and actors when necessary and create a unique advertisement that sells the property to a very targeted audience. We bring the marketing of your property to a higher standard of excellence.

Online Advertising

  • Search engines – Buyers use one of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) when searching for a property. We do something that is unusual in the industry- we engage in pay-per-click campaigns which are designed specifically for your property, and buy advertising space to position your property at top of buyers’ search results. Our expert online advertising team purchases the top terms used by home buyers when searching online and ensure your property is in front of those buyers the moment they are looking for properties.

  • Social Media – Facebook and Instagram are powerful promotion tools. By using both we are able to target the advertisement of the property to very specific audiences. We also use the commercials we produce as teaser to drive traffic to the Landing Page.

  • YouTube – YoutTube is the second largest search engine. All of our videos are hosted on our YouTube channel and generate thousands of views by interested people. It allows the property information to be easily shared and exposed.

  • Remarketing – Once a visitor lands on your site they learn about all the features of your property. After they leave the site, our innovative advertising platform displays your ads on sites they visit later, bringing them back to your site and keeping your property top of mind, and eventually converting them into buyers.

  • Geofencing – This innovative technology is a location-based service that sends messages to desktop computers and mobile devices users within a defined geographic area. Once a user is within the defined area your ads appear on their devices, prompting them to click and visit your property website. This increases exposure to very targeted audience that is likely to show interest in your property.

Lead Capturing

Different studies show that 89% to 92% of buyers start their search for a home online. By putting the property on the MLS it will automatically get distributed to hundreds of sites on the internet, including some of the top sites for searching. But it is beneficial to have a buyer look exclusively at the landing page created when preparing the property.

It is important to have a sticky website. We do this by having a cutting edge online search tool that is interactive, with maps and eAlerts. Zillow and Trulia are a little outdated and don’t provide real time data. When people search for properties on the website they are actually searching the MLS just as if an agent would have done the search. Properties are updated instantly and information is accurate. This gets buyers to stay on our site and provide their contact information. This is very valuable for us to follow up and explain why your property is a great match for them.


It is likely that the buyer will come through cooperation with another agent,
so it is important to engage cooperation with the top agents in the market.

How do we do it?

  • Providing unbranded marketing material (material without our contact information) to the top agents, making it easy for these agents to distribute to their clients. The less work they have the better chances of them distributing to their clients.

  • Calling them and providing the sales content that will help them get buyers interested.

  • Engaging them by inviting them to the property so they are familiar with its best features.


We got the attention. Let's grab it all.

People show interest in the property and want to go and see it.
What does it take to hold onto them and convince them that our property is exactly what they've been looking for?
How do we convert an interested buyer into an offer?


  • Immediate response systems: A missed call from a buyers and/or their agents may result in a loss of a potential sale. Our back office support team ensures that every phone call is answered, handled professionally by a trained associate, and documented appropriately.

  • Sales Skills: Our professional agents have the sales skills to entice the potential buyer to consider the property more seriously and to come see it. Our team goes through weekly sales meetings and training, online courses and educational seminars that turn them into industry experts.

  • Lead follow up systems – Our cutting edge technology provides us with important tools to capture and follow every potential lead. Automated follow up systems and buyer activity notifications allow us to stay on top of every opportunity.

  • Coming soon listing – everyone wants a deal, buyers want something exclusive, increase odds of a full priced offer, buyer in waiting program.


One of the most important and overlooked components of Showing a property is accessibility. In order to get that buyer to pay the absolute top dollar more than anyone else, we first have to get them into the property. Any obstacle to getting the buyer in there can potentially get the property overlooked by the exact buyer willing to pay more.

Following accessibility, the first impression is what will stay in the buyer’s mind. The home should be prepared, turn all the lights on, regulate the temperature, make sure the place is neat, no odors, and follow all the staging rules designated during the preparation.

With our marketing strategy, it will be less work because of the huge volumes of buyers that will come to the house right away. We schedule as many buyers as possible to see the home at the same time. Yes, this saves you time and headaches, but more importantly, it positions the property as very desirable in the buyer's minds. Making our job of cranking their price up much easier.


Hurray! We've found a buyer. They want to pay less; we want more. What do we do?

Once a potential buyer shows interest in purchasing your property, an experienced and skilled negotiator can make a big difference
in the final price that the buyer will pay. Our closing agents go through extensive, on-going training and know how to maximize your sale amount.


We're almost there! Let's take care of details before we celebrate.

Once both parties have signed the contract the deal goes into the transaction process.
A typical agent is not skilled in taking care of that phase. We have a dedicated team that is solely responsible for handling the transaction process
and making sure that it is executed exactly according to the contract, not allowing any missed details cause delays or jeopardize the deal.

Finally, once the property is under a sales contract we must ensure that the transaction moves smoothly all the way through closing. There are many places that can make the deal fall through like the inspection, appraisal, escrow deposit confirmation, etc.

Through our experience we have devised checklists that ensure every possible item is verified and planned for to avoid potential headaches. We have a dedicated team that is only handling the transaction process, therefore they’ve become experts in their field and guarantee that no deal falls through due to technical issues.