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Benny Shabtai – Roberto is the Best Agent in Miami

Benny Shabtai – Roberto is the Best Agent in Miami


I had already been renting in Miami for a while. I fell in love with the Continuum as it is the best community in Miami to live in. After renting there a few seasons I decided to buy. I knew exactly what I wanted. It had to be a larger unit on the oceanside. I worked with several of the top agents in the building, but all they could show me was what was on the MLS. A friend of mine introduced me to Roberto. He said he could get me the unit I wanted, even though it wasn’t for sale. I was skeptical but thought it didn’t hurt to give it a shot. Roberto was confident and had a process for getting it done.
A few weeks later Roberto convinced an owner to sell me his apartment. He had an aggressive purchasing strategy that worked! If you are thinking of buying, Roberto will get you your dream home. He is Miami’s best real estate agent.
Benny Shabtai – Israeli-born, American businessman. He was the president and founder of Raymond Weil USA until 2009 when he sold his company. In 2014, Shabtai and his family sold their controlling share in Viber, the Israeli instant-messaging, voice and video calling app. (

Case Study

A friend introduced me to Benny after he had been working with other agents to get him his ideal home. He didn’t need identifying what the ideal home would be. He knew exactly what he wanted. The problem was getting it. In the Continuum South Tower there are only 10 floors that are the size he wanted and with the view he wanted. Several owners combined adjacent units narrowing down the options even further. Part of the problem with such a prominent building is reaching the owners. The properties are often owned by corporations. Owners keep their privacy beneath many layers of gatekeepers. To get a dream home, first we need to reach the owner. This requires some creativity and technology. When finally reaching a homeowner, it is important to use the right words. These homeowners are often contacted by solicitors that do not have a buyer. We immediately must differentiate that we have a real buyer and we are not soliciting for a listing. Credibility plays a big factor. Once all the parties are at the table, negotiations begin. Both buyers and sellers have to be happy with the transaction. There are many moving parts and one slip will bring the whole deal down. So, when this finally closed, and all the clients were happy, it was very satisfying.

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