Huge Private Terrace, Short term rentals allowed, Lincoln Road


1700 Meridian Avenue 501

We're at the best priced rooftop terrace in south beach where you're right next to Lincoln Road in an architectural design building. Close to the beach you are, how close to Lincoln road you are and an amazing place it is to entertain your guests.

What makes this unit so special? Not only was the entire building designed by Chad Opheim. This is supposed to reflect the Soho Manhattan industrial style. 11 foot ceilings, exposed air conditioning, open floor plan.

Everything is very wide in the open. You're surrounded by windows. 

The master flows through this very open floor plan and you have a divider here with the curtain. You can go into the wraparound balcony with a bathroom right here.

The second bedroom has an interesting layout. It's very practical and you have a loft style bed. So you have a full office on the bottom with a loft style bed on the top, making it very easy to use and very practical with the full second bathroom all the way in that side of the hallway.

If you're in Miami, you want outdoor space and this unit has as much of it as you could possibly want. You have an outdoor area for dining, which you could use. In summers, you're probably gonna use it at night, but in winter you're gonna use it all the time. You have a social area, an area to hang out over here and it's quite special because you have pretty much, almost as much space outside as you do inside the building.

And from this side of you could already check out the convention center. You have the park, you have Lincoln road right there, and just a ton of space for you to hang out with your friends, have a drink. And just relax.

You will not find a private rooftop deck just for yourself. At this price point in south beach, especially not half a block away from Lincoln road, five minutes to the beach. And right next to a park, you can bring your friends up. You can come enjoy a book, watch the stars and just have the best time on your private rooftop deck.

Monclair is on 17th and Meridian. Lincoln road is between 16th and 17th street making you just a few feet away from one of the most iconic outdoor malls in the world Lincoln road. Is where everyone wants to be, which is one of the reasons this unit is such a great investment because Airbnbers want to be right next to Lincoln road, right outside your place.

You have Lincoln eatery on this side. You have Cortadito & Starbucks. You have tons of amazing restaurants, as well as art galleries and a ton of activities you can do on all of Lincoln road.

Right next door you can bring your dog to this beautifully manicured park. That is right in front of the Miami convention center. One of the most modern centers after the renovation, as well as city center. So you have a beautiful building designed by a famous architect, amazing finishes rooftop deck, open floor plan next to the beach next to park next to Lincoln road.

So this is a place that people are going to want to come and stay. Usually in Miami Beach, they do not allow short term rentals, but this building allows. Minimum one month rental, which means you can rent this place and it's renting for close to $10,000 a month. It grosses more than $120,000 a year. So at this price you're making more than 10% return on your investment.

Not only do you have an amazing place to go on vacations, you also have a money maker.

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