How did we get a property under contract in 15 days?

When Joe and Maria spoke to Prime Den, first on the phone and then in person, regarding the sale of their home at 553 Slippery Rock Road, Weston, FL, they were skeptical of his unique strategy but willing to give it a try.

On the market in the neighborhood were two other homes of the same size and condition, 2,350 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The competitors also had lots larger than ours by 100 – 1,000 square feet. 

The property needed a little updating with paint and covering some places that had had a leak prior. Prime Den overcame the disadvantages. Within a week of listing, we received five offers.

It’s nice to have options. With the choice of five offers, we were able to bid the offers up and pick the buyer with the strongest financing and whose timing worked best for the sellers’ move out date.

Prime Den helped Joe and Maria through several obstacles in the process. Firstly, the buyers wanted a steep discount for some items they found during the inspection period. However, we managed to negotiate the buyers back up instead of giving the discount.

Secondly, the sellers, Joe and Maria, had already put in the payment for their new home. To assuage concerns of the deal potentially falling through, Prime Den implemented a non-refundable escrow to ensure the sellers would be compensated if they did not close for any reason.

Even though selling your home is typically one of the most stressful transactions of your life, Prime Den’s knowledge and abundance of offers brought peace of mind.

Not only did Prime Den sell in a record speed of 15 days,

we also sold for more money.

In comparison, the other properties took 62 and 113 days to sell.

Our property sold for $470,000, 105% of listing price,

while the others sold for $455,000 – $460,000, 94% of listing price.

This put an extra $10,000 – $15,000 in Joe and Maria’s pockets.

“When we first met Roberto we were impressed with his confidence and a little skeptical about his strategy. It seemed like a very different approach, but we trusted him that it would work. We are glad we did because we sold with a bunch of offers and for more than the other houses the same size in our neighborhood. He always kept us updated about what was going on and made sure that no opportunities were lost. If you are considering working with him, we highly recommend.”

-Joe and Maria

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