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How did we sell for $15,000 more in a quarter less time?

How did we sell for $15,000 more in a quarter less time?

Ingrid was referred to Prime Den by a colleague of her brother’s who had their home at the Roads sold with us. Ingrid had bought her property decades before the Wynwood area had developed. Ingrid’s goal was to sell the home in order to buy more property for her expanding family.

We were selling at the same time as a very similar house across the street with the same double lot size and condition. However, the competing property was slightly superior in it being in a corner lot.

Ingrid trusted us with our unique approach to positioning the property on the market. The house could be remodeled and turned into two separate apartments, making it attractive to investors.

To get this property sold faster and for more money, Prime Den keyed in on our pricing, marketing strategy, and ease of showing.

We had 6 offers out of 15 interested buyers in the first week. Some were investors and developers. The buyers liked the proximity to Wynwood and saw it as a fantastic opportunity. The buyer that was willing to pay more than anyone else bought it to temporarily rent it out and then eventually remodeled it and moved into it.

We sold in 19 days for $385,000,

whereas our competitors sold in 24 days

for $15,000 less at $370,000.