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Ingrid Moss – Sold for more that a better house across the street!

Ingrid Moss – Sold for more that a better house across the street!

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Roberto came as a referral from Juan. Juan told us that Roberto sold their house in record time and with many offers, so I agreed to meet Roberto. He seemed very confident he could do the same for us. My mom was a little skeptical, but he really seemed to know what he was talking about. So, we let him do it and we are so glad we did. Right away we had many offers and he started bidding them against each other. We were willing to take a price, but he said he could get us more and he did! If you are thinking of selling, make sure and call Roberto.

Case Study

The Moss Family was introduced to me by another client I had sold a property for. They had been living in that house for 30 years. The community had grown around them. They were ready to move as the children had grown and they needed more space. Across the street there was another house for sale. It was also a double lot, similar size, but remodeled inside (The Moss’ house was not remodeled). Ingrid needed to sell it for more than that other house was selling for. The agent she had worked with for more than 15 years did not think it was possible. How would they sell the house for more than a better house across the street would sell for? That is what I set out to do. Since I had done that for the client that referred me to the Moss Family, they decided to let me do it. Within 2 weeks I had gotten 6 offers. Not only did I sell it for more, we sold it in less than half the time. Below you can see the 2 listings. We sold in in 19 days for $36,000 more than asking and $15,000 more than the neighbor who took over a month to sell (click here to see the property details). They were able to pocket the amount of money necessary to make the move.

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