Are you picking the right agent?

Are you pricing it right?

Will they do a good job?

We help you understand how to price the home.

  • We pull back the curtain showing you everything that is on the MLS.
    (not just the information available online in sites like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia or Redfin)
  • We show all the properties yours that are for sale competing with yours.
  • We show all the competing properties that have sold.
  • We show you all the competing properties that failed to sell.

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We help you find the best agent.

  • Tell us where you are selling.
  • We'll research all agents in your area (not just some) and send you a report with rankings.
  • We'll review the report with you to help
  • You pick the best agent.
  • Here are some of the criteria used to rank the agents:

Success Rate - How often does an agent succeed? Of the properties they tried selling, how many sold, and how many failed to sell? It ranges from 25%to more than 95%.
Sales Price per SqFt - On average what price per square feet is that agent able to sell homes like yours for. 
Sales Price / List Price - When that agent sells, what is the final sales price they achieved compared to the original listing price? What is the average discount? Top agents have better negotiation skills and knowledge of the market, enabling them to achieve the highest possible sales price. 
Speed of Sale - How long does it take that agent to sell a property as compared to the average in that neighborhood and price segment? 
Total Local and overall Sales - How many properties has that agent transacted in that community? Different communities have particularities unique to them. By having experience selling there, that agent not only has a better grasp of market pricing, but they might also know what makes buyers in this community interested. This will help increase the buyer’s perceived value and therefore, price.
Performance in Comparable Sales - It is important to analyze these factors with the segment of the market the property belongs to. Properties at higher price points tend to have lower success rates, higher discounts, and longer days on the market. 
Customer Reviews - How other sellers have been reviewing that agent. 

We follow-up with every single lead and keep you updated.

  • Once the property is listed we stay in touch with the agent you picked.
  • Every time there is a new lead we followup with that lead seeing if they buy and where.
  • We share this information with the seller in real-time with the seller so they know what is going on.
  • We keep a pulse on every competing property that comes on the market, sells or fails to sell.
  • As we learn about how the market reacts we provide actionable advice on how to adapt.
  • If there are multiple offers we help coordinate the bidding process to ensure the seller gets the best price and terms.

We get paid at closing. We receive a referral fee from your agent.

There is no cost to you.

Have valuable information to make a smarter choice.

We will introduce you to the agent that the data shows will sell for the highest possible price and in the least amount of time. 
You will only be contacted by the agent(s) you pick - not an army of agents bugging you saying they are the best.
If you have an agent in mind you'd like to compare, we can provide you with their "realtor report card". 

The service is free.      There is no commitment.

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How are we different?


  • They only work with the agents that have accepted working with those services. That limits the pool of agents that they refer to you.
  • They do not provide ranking data. 
  • They have many agents calling you. They sell you as a "lead".
  • They have their own agents in their network to push. Not necessarily the best.
  • Random Agents are assigned.
  • They provide the agents that paid to be there. 


  • We do not limit our pool of potential realtor referrals in any way.
  • We will refer the agent you pick and we rank through EVERY SINGLE AGENT in that market.
  • We provide all of the data on each agent for you to decide, not us.
  • We provide all of the background information only accessible to agents for you to make a better decision about pricing.
  • We help stay on top of that agent ensuring they are doing the absolute best possible job.