You Must Trust Your Agent

When selling home all you need is to be able to TRUST the agent you work with

Trust that they have your interest at heart.

No matter how good an agent is. If they are in it to just make money you will not be in the best hands.
You must work with an agent that will take pride not only in selling your home for the highest possible price but also in keeping you informed and avoiding all the potential landmines in a deal.
There are ways of knowing an agent that cares about the wellbeing and service that a seller will get by looking from the track record to historical data to testimonials.

Trust in their ability.

No matter how much you trust that the agent is looking out for you, if they don't have the resources, skills, and ability to deliver the service, they won't because they can't.

  • Your best friend has your best interest at heart, but if they just got their license and yours is the first home they ever sold, they probably don't have the necessary skills to avoid the pitfalls an agent that has sold thousands of homes would have. Some of the skills that take time to develop are:
  • Negotiation skills; some of which are pretty specific to real estate.
  • Systems to keep you informed of the progress in the sales process.
  • Marketing skills. Knowing what are the best uses of time and energy to get the best returns on marketing.
  • Knowing the most important components of a strong marketing strategy.