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Whether you are starting out or experienced with can help you leverage yourself into making a lot more money with less effort.

Real Estate combines a series of disciplines and skills that are not typically all present in a single individual.

The real estate business brokerage can be broken down into 3 basic categories. Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Providing the service. Each one of those has many different approaches.

Lead Generation: This is the skill and discipline of identifying people that are interested in Buying or Selling real estate. There are almost infinite ways of doing this from paid advertising to cold calling to nurturing relationships. Each suitable for different kinds of people.

Lead Conversion: This is the skill and discipline of taking someone that identifies themselves as interested in buying or selling to signing an agreement to allow us to represent them in that purchase or sale. Also known as the closer. Getting someone to sign a Listing or a buyer agency agreement.

Providing the Service: Finally, once the buyer or seller is working exclusively with us we have to either help them buy or help them sell their property. The disciplines of buying are very different from the disciplines of selling.

By focusing on what you are naturally good at, you enjoy and are willing to improve on, you will make A LOT more money.

The idea we have put together is not new, but the way we are doing is. Do you prefer to just manage listings? What if we gave you so many listings to manage, that is all you did? Prefer working with buyers? Not having to lead generate, just meet the buyers and work with them. Are you a closer? Can you Imagine only going to appointments that our team set and all you had to do was get contracts signed? All the work after that would go to the rest of the team.

By dividing the tasks into specialties, you can earn much more with less stress. You can also focus on that discipline and skill and one you mastered it, move to the next activity with higher leverage.


Why eXp Realty?

Typically there is an antagonistic relationship in real estate between the broker and the agent. The model is old and based on apprenticeship. The idea is that the broker will teach the agent hands on how to become successful in real estate. However, it is very costly for the broker to stop doing their business to teach the agent. Supposedly the broker would do that so that when the agent is doing well, and no longer needs supervision or training, the broker can then make money form the agent's effort without putting significant additional time. The reason the model is broken is that the broker knows that if the agent makes it through the learning period and starts to produce, they will squeeze the broker for a larger split in the commissions. This way the broker will hardly ever recover their efforts.

eXp Solves this by providing the following:

Lead generation tools - These are technologies that allow an agent to generated online leads, nurture online leads, maintain top of mind marketing systems with their old clients and many forms of communication with clients that help generate more business now.

Stock - Not only is eXp one the Fastest growing brokerages in the country, its stock is traded on NASDAQ with a market cap of over $1 Billion dollars.

Every time an eXp agents earns commission, hits benchmarks or recruits agents they get company shares.

Revenue Share - Agents that attract other agents into eXp Realty earn part of the revenue that the recruited agent generates. Not only is this a fantastic tool for generating residual income forever, it is also a way to break the paradigm of the apprenticeship model. Now it is worth to invest time training and supporting agents because of this system.

Cloud Model - Because the company is in the cloud this changes the dynamic of working there completely. For one, you don't have to limit as much geographically because there are many offices to be used physically all over your MLS area. Also, the back-end support is light years better because they centralize it. It is like comparing Blockbuster with Netflix or Barnes and Nobles with Amazon. One central location for the thousands of agents can provide significantly better service than each individual brick and mortar locations of other real estate companies.

Training - There are a few companies that brag about training. However a brick and mortar company cannot compete with a cloud brokerage on training because of centralization and economies of scales. There are classes all day everyday on the cloud environment at eXp Realty. It is not feasible for brick and mortar companies to provide that.

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